Christophe Coënon is a Franco-Italian still life, interior architecture, and travel photographer based in Paris.
He developed a personal approach close to lyrical documentary at @Ecal, with an aesthetic of subtle obviousness and enlightened quality.

He explores his singular vision as an author, publishing a second book titled "Linea" in 2019, reporting the enchanted parenthesis in La Havana during the Obama-Castro years.

Since the past two years, Christophe has been working on a project in Sri Lanka, unveiling the hidden gems of the island.

Selected clients:

Aesop, Aigle, Chanel, Delvaux, Dior, Diptyque, Jaguar, Levi Strauss, Louis Vuitton, Zimmer + Rohde, AD Magazine , B Magazine, Frankfurter Allgemeine, SYSTEM, Vanity fair, Vogue Ukraine & Korea
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